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Jan 9th BG Hosts the Kentucky Derby Prelude Party at the London Hotel in LA
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First Blog....could be ugly
Hey everybody - Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the almost official start of summer. Decided under some people prodding me - that I would start a blog. Not sure how often I will write - but figured it would be a fun exercise, and a way to keep you updated. So here we go.
This spring/summer has been a lot of travel and a lot of fun/work. The Kentucky Derby and the Unbridled Eve party kicked off the month of May for me. As I do every year I got to celebrate my birthday w a bunch of my favorite people!!
The following weekend I headed off to North Carolina where Guiney and Grimes played the first ever POP CON in Wilmington NC. We both loved the town and had a great time meeting everybody in WilmyWood! From there I participated in my buddy's golfing event - the Hank Baskett Golf Classic!! Great cause working for funds to help Lung Cancer and great friends rounded out the weekend!! All of this while still holding down the daily radio show with my girl Jessica Hall -- who I also surprised and joined in Hawaii for a quick weekend!! :) Whew!!
The following weekend was Memorial Day weekend and I flew out to see my family in Michigan really quickly - before I started this new tour for LIVE with Kelly and Michael and Mattel Games!! And met up for another Guiney and Grimes show in Boston on June 1 weekend and a Band from TV show back in Calabasas, CA on June 8!! It's been crazy!!
Since 5/27 I've been on the road touring the country encouraging people to set down their cell phones and laptops for a hot second - and engage w their families and friends the old fashioned way. Face to face. Playing board games, cards and fun stuff!!
It's been a blast!! We've been to Louisville, Dayton, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, the Bonnaroo Festival, and now we're off to New Orleans!
It's been an absolute blast and we've met some awesome people in the process!! I will say that I'm excited to be back home for a bit and sleep in my own bed, see Phoebe the Wonder Dog - and get back to radio! My co host Jessica has been holdin it down for us and doing an amazing job of it! But I've got So many stories to tell!! Can't wait. I will be sure to check back in soon w more updates! Take care.


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